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Our clients’ Individual Support Team includes a high level Network Engineer, Remote Monitoring Engineer, Client Services Manager, and Technology Consultant.

Each client is assigned one central Network Engineer who will be your on-site support on a regular basis to ensure that you have a resource who knows your specific system, your business priorities, and becomes a seamless part of your support organization. Your Network Engineer will coordinate with your Remote Monitoring Engineer and engage your other TMS resources as needed.

While on-site your Network Engineer will provide a series of services including:

  • Pro-active service checklist designed to detect emerging problems before they surface which means increased up time of your critical systems.
  • Email Administration
  • Review Error Logs
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Inventory Hardware & Software
  • Review and update Firewall Security
  • Implement New Technology
  • Deploy New Software Upgrades
  • Update Virus Definition File
  • Apply Service Packs
  • Troubleshoot Problems
  • Address End User Requests
  • and more

By sharing this team of professionals with a limited group of clients we give you access to resources that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

Now small and medium size businesses can benefit from state-of-the-art technology resources and senior level support personnel usually associated with large enterprises, but at a considerable value without sacrificing response time or getting a new support person each time.

Your TMS Network Engineer will visit your site to perform a series of "best practices" to align your technology with industry standards.  This proactive approach reduces costly reactive tasks to allow your staff time to focus more on business rather than technology.

“Best practices” designed to solidify your technology through a series of reviews,an ongoing technology checklist, and periodic technology summaries.

Complete systems documentation and mapping detailing and documenting your critical technology to help manage your systems and provide a critical tool in addressing issues, restoring systems, and disaster recovery.

Your TMS Client Service Manager will ensure you are satisfied with our services and personnel. Your Technology Consultant will work with your Network Engineer to understand how your business is evolving help you plan and budget for any required changes to your IT needs so that you can stay focused on your critical business issues.

In addition to services performed under our monthly service contracts, Technology Managed Services also provides on-site support for:

  • Emergency calls
  • Special Project work
  • Knowledge transfer and training for new or additional in-house staff
  • Office relocation of IT resources
  • Installation of IT resources for new offices
  • and other special service requests